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  • Steady Capture MDA
Fees and Minimum Investment Information
  • No setup fee.
  • No management fee.
  • No Exit fee.
  • 30% of your profits on a monthly high watermark basis. What's a high watermark?
  • Minimum Investment 10,000 (denomination options - AUD, USD, GBP, EUR).
  • No deposit required until your application is approved.
  • Withdraw funds at regular intervals.

Think Huge Investments will charge a performance fee on profits using a high water-mark. The high-water mark is calculated from the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) after a performance fee has been charged.

Below is an example how Think Huge Investments’ performances fees are calculated and charged:

Date 1st of Jan 1st of Feb 1st of Mar 1st of Apr
Net Asset Value (NAV) $100,000 $110,000 $105,000 $117,000
Profit (loss) - $10,000 -$2,000 $12,000
Performance Fee - $3,000 - $3,000
NAV After Performance Fee $100,000 $107,000 $105,000 $114,000
High-water Mark $100,000 $107,000 $107,000 $114,000

The above example assumes that $100,000 was invested. If the Managed Account had achieved a return of 10% for the month, your account would now be at $110,000 for the month. The performance fee for the first month would be calculated on the profit. The performance fee is 30%, therefore $3,000 is charged to the account. The now leaves the high-water mark at $107,000.

If in the second month of trading, the managed account made a net loss of $2,000, there would be no performance fee paid. However the high-water mark would remain at $107,000 as this remains the highest level after a performance fee has been taken.

In the third month the Managed Account returned to profitability, and returned $12,000 for the quarter, the balance would now be at $117,000. However since the high-water mark is at $107,000, there performance fee is only charged on the profit above the high water mark. i.e. 30% of $10,000 instead of 30% of $12,000.

You only pay a fee when you make money.

The process of investing in Steady Capture MDA is simple
  1. 1Submit an application form below
  2. 2Once approved we will send you a statement of advice for your signature within 24hrs.
  3. 3Open a brokerage account in your name using our designated link and agree to the online limited power of attorney allowing us to trade on your behalf.
  4. 4That’s it! You’ll now receive daily statements on the performance of your investment.
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Think Huge

ASIC Regulated

Our Managed Discretionary Accounts is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Segregated Client Funds

All client funds are held in trust under the clients name at one of Australia's largest banks, National Australia Bank.

We're Real People

We're real people. We have staff located in both Sydney and London who are available on the phone, email or live chat 24hrs per day. We support all English, Spanish, Mandarin and Polish speaking clients.

Complete Transparency

The performance of all our traders are tracked and monitored in real-time and all results verified by Myfxbook.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have been a client of Nick from Think Huge for more than 18 months and I have been extremely impressed by the customer service that Nick and his organisation have delivered. I have a number of accounts with Nick and his traders and have more than doubled investment and have recommend Nick and Think Huge to a number of friends and now they are financially benefiting from his service as well.

Mark Lewis

These guys deliver on their product, and consistently produce results that you would expect from an investment, with the guarantee that if they don’t make you money, they don’t get paid. I challenge you to find another investment company in this industry circle who will offer you both the consistent gains and a “no gain no fee” payment scheme. The pressure is all on them to perform.

Peter Corica

I truly appreciate the excellent support from Nick and his team at Think Huge. I joined the site in August 2012 and have never looked back. I am glad to see stable growth in my investment portfolio here over the last few years. A big thank you!

Grace N.

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