How are you able to operate without charging management fees?

Our goal is transform the funds management arena by aligning our incentives with those of our clients. We do this a number of ways.

1. We keep our recurring overheads low. We don’t rent expensive offices in the CBD or drive fancy company cars. Our support and administration staff are also located around the world to save on labour costs.

2. We preserve company capital. During positive months we stockpile a portion of the fees collected to ensure we have working capital during poorer performing months.

3. We believe performance is paramount. We only work with traders that have proven the ability to consistently make money through a careful, consistent approach to the market.

How are performance fees calculated?

Here at Think Huge Investments we only charge a performance fee on profits using the high-watermark method. The high-watermark is calculated from the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) after performance fees are calculated.

The NAV is calculated on the value of the account at the end of each month.

Date 1st of Jan 1st of Feb 1st of Mar 1st of Apr
Net Asset Value (NAV) $100,000 $110,000 $105,000 $117,000
Profit (loss) - $10,000 -$2,000 $12,000
Performance Fee - $3,000 - $3,000
NAV After Performance Fee $100,000 $107,000 $105,000 $114,000
High-water Mark $100,000 $107,000 $107,000 $114,000

The above example assumes an initial investment of $100,00. If the strategy had achieved a return of 10% for the month, the clients investment would have grown to $110,000 during the month. The 30% performance fee for the first month is calculated on the $10,000 profit, therefore a $3,000 fee is automatically debited from the account. The now leaves the high-water mark at $107,000.

If in the second month, the strategy generates a net loss of $2,000, no fee is payable and the the high-water mark remains at $107,000 as this is the highest previous level when the performance fee was last applied.

In the third month, the strategy returns to profitability, generating $12,000 for the month and the balance of the account grows to $117,000. The previous high-water mark was $107,000, therefor the performance fee is only charged on the profit above this high water mark. i.e. 30% of $10,000 instead of 30% of $12,000.

The important thing to remember is "If you.... make money, we .... make money"

How can I monitor the progress of my investment?

Daily Email

You receive a daily email on the balance of your investment as well as specifics on the trading activity that occurred on your account over the previous 24hrs. This email is sent each day when the New York market closes.

On your Phone (the most popular option)

Download the MT4 app on your smart phone and login using the credentials provided by AxiTrader. Once logged in you’ll be able to see your account trading live, 24hrs per day. A word of warning, checking this can be very addictive!

On your PC

Download the AxiTrader MT4 platform and login using the credentials provided. Here you’ll be watching the trading platform run live in a similar environment to that used by our trading team. Your credentials provide you with “read only” access, so you can’t trade the account directly, but you’ll be able to see your investment trading live in the market.

The only condition when logging into MT4 through your PC is that you DO NOT stay logged in for longer than 15mins at a time. This is very important, if you were to log in for an extended period of time you’ll receive a politely worded email requesting that you log out, if that request is ignored we may be forced to disconnect your account.

At the end of the Australian financial year (June 30) the compliance team at HLK Group will also issue you an annual investor statement detailing the performance of your investment over the previous 12 months.

Can I withdraw my funds at any time?

You can withdraw up to $2,000 at any time through the brokers automated client control panel. Larger withdrawals are also requested through the same control panel, however we require approval from our risk assessment team to ensure your withdrawal won’t adversely affect the available margin on the account. This process can take up to 24hrs.

What happens if you go bankrupt, is my money safe?

Your funds are held in trust under your name with the executing broker AxiTrader. Think Huge Investments does not have access to your investment other than for the purpose of trading on your behalf. If the business is to becomes insolvent your investment is not effected and remains with the executing broker.

AxiTrader have issued the following statement in relation to the security of funds held at their brokerage:

All client funds are held in a segregated trust account with one of Australia’s largest banks, National Australia Bank, where client funds are separated from business funds at all times as per ASIC regulations. ASIC require regular reporting to ensure financial stability of the firm is maintained. If there is unforeseen situation where the firm was to become insolvent, ASIC would intervene during liquidation of a firm’s assets to assist in the returning of client funds. Furthermore as an additional buffer, brokers must maintain a $1 million AUD level of regulation capital to hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number.

Moreover, “under the Australian Client Money Rules, we must hold your moneys on trust.” AxiTrader’s strength is evident as one of the largest Australian owned brokers with heavy investment into infrastructure for the benefit and protection of the client. A key example of this is while many global brokerage firms suffered significant losses after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) decision to remove the EURCHF floor early in 2015, with a several becoming insolvent, AxiTrader survived through strict controls, robust infrastructure and well calculated risk management strategies and polices. Even after such a significant event, we are still growing and expanding across the major financial hubs of Sydney, London and Dubai with additional presence in several emerging markets.

"Over the past three to five years AxiTrader has reinvested a large percentage of its profits into infrastructure to better define and manage both customers’ and the firm’s risk, as well as working to excel in client execution with Axi’s counterparties." - AxiCorp CEO Goran Drapac

Further information on AxiTrader product is available by reading the AxiTrader Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be accessed through the AxiTrader website by clicking on the following link:

What is the minimum investment?

Clients can invest in AUD, USD, GBP or Euro (Steady Capture only). Minimum investment is 10,000 AUD/USD/EUR or 5,000 GBP. There is no limit to the size of additional deposits

How can I arrange a meeting with a representative of Think Huge Investments?

If you are located in Sydney, Australia, or London, UK simply contact us with a suitable time and location. Alternatively, we're happy to fly to you to arrange a meeting (wholesale clients only).

Do you have more questions?

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