When you invest with Think Huge you’re investing in an extremely rigorous and complex vetting process.

Every Think Huge Investments trader has passed a highly-competitive and demanding battery of mathematical, statistical and personal analysis.

Our process has six phases beginning with a preliminary screening that identifies and promotes the best risk adjusted and quantifiable performers. Only an extremely talented trader who has demonstrated a significant and lucrative statistical edge will be progressed to the next stage.

A potential Think Huge trader is then required to fill out our custom due diligence questionnaire covering personal information, history, their past success-record and trading methodology.

The final three phases progress to a more advanced analytical stage whereby we monitor in real-time any potential deviations from known historical metrics. We then allocate our own capital for "real-world" testing. Only after successful and prolonged trading with company funds is the trader then allocated investor capital.

What's important is that we continue to monitor all traders and their performances to ensure your investment remains on track, all the time.

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Segregated Client Funds

All client trades are executed using one of Australia's largest forex trading houses - AxiTrader (Australian Financial Services Licence Number 318232).

Your investment is deposited directly with AxiTrader, under your name and held in trust at the National Australia Bank, you then give permission for us to trade these funds on your behalf.

At no point do we have the ability to access or transfer your funds without your permission.

The advantage of this is in the rare possibility of company insolvency, ASIC would intervene during the liquidation of AxiTrader's assets to assist in the returning of client funds.

Read what AxiTrader have to say about the security of your funds and their robust and strict controls or request a free information pack. You may also contact us directly on (AUS) +61 2 8387 4187.

Read AxiTrader

AxiTrader Statement

AxiTrader have issued the following statement in relation to the security of funds held at their brokerage:

All client funds are held in a segregated trust account with one of Australia’s largest banks, National Australia Bank, where client funds are separated from business funds at all times as per ASIC regulations. ASIC require regular reporting to ensure financial stability of the firm is maintained. If there is unforeseen situation where the firm was to become insolvent, ASIC would intervene during liquidation of a firm’s assets to assist in the returning of client funds. Furthermore as an additional buffer, brokers must maintain a $1 million AUD level of regulation capital to hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number.

Moreover, “under the Australian Client Money Rules, we must hold your moneys on trust.”

AxiTrader’s strength is evident as one of the largest Australian owned brokers with heavy investment into infrastructure for the benefit and protection of the client. A key example of this is while many global brokerage firms suffered significant losses after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) decision to remove the EURCHF floor early in 2015, with a several becoming insolvent, AxiTrader survived through strict controls, robust infrastructure and well calculated risk management strategies and polices. Even after such a significant event, we are still growing and expanding across the major financial hubs of Sydney, London and Dubai with additional presence in several emerging markets.

"Over the past three to five years AxiTrader has reinvested a large percentage of its profits into infrastructure to better define and manage both customers’ and the firm’s risk, as well as working to excel in client execution with Axi’s counterparties." - AxiCorp CEO Goran Drapac

Further information on AxiTrader product is available by reading the AxiTrader Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be accessed through the AxiTrader website by clicking on the following link: http://www.axitrader.com/files/pdf/AxiTrader-Product-Disclosure-Statement.pdf

For more information on AxiTrader please feel free to contact our account manager directly:

Tyson Calvo
+61 2 9965 5851

Get Started With Just 4 Simple Steps

If you’re ready to get started with Think Huge Investments, the process is simple. There is no fixed term. There are no
entry/exit or ongoing management fees. We charge only on profits generated. Got questions? Our account managers are on standby to walk you through any part of the process.


Complete and submit our easy, step-by-step application form.

Transfer Funds

Once your application is approved, transfer funds to your segregated AxiTrader account.

Daily Reporting

Get daily reports on how your investment is tracking and watch as our expert traders manage your wealth.

Flexible Investing

Increase, withdraw or suspend your investment at regular intervals.

Think Huge

Wholesale Investors Only

If you would like to invest you must be classified as a sophisticated or wholesale investor.

Segregated Client Funds

All client funds are held in trust under the clients name at one of Australia's largest banks, National Australia Bank.

We're Real People

We're real people. We have staff located in both Sydney and London who are available on the phone, email or live chat 24hrs per day. We support all English, Spanish, Mandarin and Polish speaking clients.

Complete Transparency

The performance of all our traders are tracked and monitored in real-time and all results verified by Myfxbook.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have been a client of Nick from Think Huge for more than 18 months and I have been extremely impressed by the customer service that Nick and his organisation have delivered. I have a number of accounts with Nick and his traders and have more than doubled investment and have recommend Nick and Think Huge to a number of friends and now they are financially benefiting from his service as well.

Mark Lewis

These guys deliver on their product, and consistently produce results that you would expect from an investment, with the guarantee that if they don’t make you money, they don’t get paid. I challenge you to find another investment company in this industry circle who will offer you both the consistent gains and a “no gain no fee” payment scheme. The pressure is all on them to perform.

Peter Corica

I truly appreciate the excellent support from Nick and his team at Think Huge. I joined the site in August 2012 and have never looked back. I am glad to see stable growth in my investment portfolio here over the last few years. A big thank you!

Grace N.